Preferred Seating

Los Angeles brings to mind visions of wealth, luxury, and ease. I haven’t achieved the first two; but I’m working hard on the last.
People in hard at doing nothing, it seems. Where ever you go people are on their i-phones (in my case, Blackberry). They are engaged in serious business. Gotta book that botox, hair, and personal trainer appointment; and let’s not get into on-call rehab.
But the ease I am working at is the ease if mind. It is out of necessity that I step back and see the beauty of my environment. This is why I can not eat on the run. I need to see and feel my surroundings. I love nothing more than taking the time to sit and feel the world around me.

Sometimes, mood is everything….especially in L.A.

Vintage Weave ambiance

seating at Monsieur Marcel

rustic in L.A.

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