Gone…but not forgotten

It has finally cooled off a bit in Los Angeles and that means it’s time for warmer clothes. The oddest thing about this place is how on the hottest of days people wear boots. I simply can not go there. The idea of wearing a pair of boots on a hot summer day makes no sense to me; but what do I know?

All I know is, on this perfect day for a pair of boots, I could not find mine. I searched my closet high and low. Picture me on all fours in a poorly lit closet going through countless shoe boxes trying to find my favorite comfy boots. I thought I had successfully hit the jackpot when I located the box but it was empty. Then I remembered.

My favorite boots of all time received a perfect Paris burial a few months ago. They served honorably, so it was the least I could do, I thought. I actually feel upset now that I realize I will never wear those boots again.
The thought of attempting to find a pair of boots as comfy as my dearly departed is causing some anxiety.

The search begins.


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