This morning I clicked my heels three times! HOME.
I wonder if I’ll ever live in NY again.
This city, my hometown, the place where I was born is so exciting that I must admit to missing it desperately at times. I had more than a little angst about returning at this time, so soon after my mother’s passing.
But, once the wheels touched down I felt at home. Especially no that NY is looking more like Paris. But alas, lunch hour in NY is just that, an hour.

But I must say, tonight as I walked around Grand Central and later Times Square, I heard alot of french being spoken. And I mean alot. It was a good thing since I won’t get back to Paris this spring.
I’d initially intended on being back in Paris at this time, but life (and a death) intervened. So how nice it was for me to find myself in New York’s Tuileries.

It was such a gloriously overcast day.

And there was ping-pong!

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