Short-lived Shortcake

There is a reason why I seldom go out for coffee in Los Angeles. This town can’t be trusted. Just when I find a barista who knows her way around  a cappuccino, the joint disappears. Out of business and forever gone from my particular corner of the universe.

I have lived in my neighborhood for better than a decade and I’ve seen a lot of things change. Not being one to leave the comforts of home for what I consider very average coffee, I have not become a Starbucks devotee. It would be worth my while if there were a chance of interesting people watching and a bit of intelligent conversation. But I live in Los Angeles, so neither is a possibility.

I am seriously at a loss. I actually rose from my bed, leashed my dachshund, Luna and headed for a morning stroll with the promise of a creamy cappuccino and perfectly moist scone. It was not to be.

My heart weeps.



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