Sepia II

Sitting on my balcony on a beautiful 80-plus degree Los Angeles day. Listening to Latin Jazz on Pandora, with Luna curled up next to me and yet…. I don’t know what it is or why it is; but like a lot of people, Paris is my place. I really should live there at some point…

When The Night Calls

Some things really are more beautiful at night. I’m not one to run the streets at all hours of the night; but Paris is different. She does beckon. And while taking a few safety precautions, I am happy to answer her call.

Love Builds A Bridge

I’m back in Paris, but only for a couple of weeks.So sad, I know. I’m staying in the 6th arrondisement, which puts me near Pont des Arts. I’ve crossed this wonerfully whimsical bridge both today and yesterday, on my way to Le Louvre.Couples write their names and the date on locks and attach it to…

Wish #1

I wish I were floating along the Seine