Something unusual happened today. Something so rare that I can not remember when it last occurred. Of course, if I were in Paris it would be the same old, same old. But here in Southern California, it was rare enough that I had to take a picture of it. No telling when I’ll see this…

The Good Life

A famous song lamented the onset of a down mood on rainy days and mondays. But what of sunny days and sundays? When life is good, life is good!

Morning Glory

Just a couple of weeks ago the weather had cooled and I was forced to pull my lined trench from the back of the closet.But Los Angeles is such a fickle place. I took Luna for her morning walk at 8:30 and the sun was ablaze. It was the most glorious November morning I can…

View From The Top

Finally, a crystal clear, hot sunny day when I have nothing to do but think….and be. The waves were crashing along the coastline. It was one of the few days I wasn’t dreaming of Paris; I was instead basking in the brilliance that is Malibu.