Here … and Nowhere

I’ve got that feeling again. And I’ve had to check myself and remind myself, again and again, that I am not my thoughts. I am not my thoughts. I’ve been sinking deeper and deeper into myself. Deeper into the place where I believe I truly live. I used to go there regularly and at will….


One of the most frustrating things about writing is writing. The question of what to write and where to start. I know. Start at the beginning. And where, pray tell, is that? Where? My thoughts all seem coherent until the very moment I face a blank page. Suddenly I have no understanding of what’s going…

The Write Place

I finally know what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be a coffeehouse writer.I want to leave the comfort of my tiny Los Angeles abode every day and head for Starbuck’s with my Macbook under my arm.I want to sit in a big leather chair in the best corner where…

Twenty-fourteen & Me

The purpose of this blog has always been to help me develop my voice as a writer. This is a place to peck out fragments of ideas. Ideas that I would develop elsewhere. Sometimes I have a lot to say and sometimes I say very little. But what I have learned most recently is my…

Orange is the New Black

Inspiration is very hard to find. It’s one thing to be inspired; you don’t expect it. You just are. But to be uninspired is to be in hell.I’ve been away from this page for many a month. It was unintentional, I’ll admit because it took me by surprise. I just haven’t been in the mood…

Food For Thought and Bedtime

It is important in life to know how to end the day. Be it a good day or one that has left every nerve ending exposed. It is important to know how to end the day. Look. Learn.

So Wonderful

 Anything that ignites a sense of wonder is a blessing.

Postcards From The Edge..of paradise

I love modern technology. Be it Facebook or Skype, I can connect with everyone I want to with minimal effort. But it all comes at a cost. I’m a tactile person, I like having cards and letters to read and re-read. It’s all for the best I suppose since I suspect I would be the…

Life Cycles

Where one door closes….. … a window opens